Usage Tips

First and foremost, it's imperative that one understand the primary secret... it's so simple and obvious, but you must ask yourself how well you've been doing on this one facet of skin care... Ok, here it is, more than half of the battle to maintaining a youthful complexion rests squarely on your own personal hygiene.  In other words, your skin must be cleaned religiously before applying the cream (or any other cream for that matter).  The product draws out toxins from your skin, if you apply it on top of a dirty face, then there should be no great expectations.

You can use it at night time or both at night and during the daytime.  You should noticed that your skin is smoother and more radiant within days.  You do not have to apply very much cream, in fact, the small bottle should last 4 months as it is has a great ability to cover large surfaces while using a minimal amount of product.